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1 August, 2016

The United Kingdom, with an installed capacity of 2526 Mega Watt peak (MWp), leads the European nations when it comes to the Photo voltaic capacity installed in 2014, which is latest data available. Next on the list is Germany with an installed capacity of 1899 MWp, followed by France with 1329 MWp, Netherlands with 302 MWp and Romania with 270 MWp.

Portugal, Italy and Austria, with an installed capacity of 220 MWp, 190 MWp and 159.3 MWp respectively are the other top European nations by PV capacity installed, as per the EurObserv ER 2015.

The top eight countries in Europe by connected and cumulative PV capacity at the end of the year 2014 were Germany (38301MWp), Italy (18622 MWp), France (5954 MWp), UK (5379 MWp), Spain (4787 MWp), Belgium (3024MWp), Greece (2602 MWp) and the Czech Republic (2021 MWp).

Germany also led the total electricity production from Photo Voltaic power in the European countries, with 35.115 kilowatt hour (TWh) production of electricity in the year 2014.

Besides Germany, Italy had the second most electricity production in Europe which stood at 22.306 TWh in 2014. The rest of Europe, including countries like Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria and Netherlands produced 14.755 TWh of electricity.

Spain, France and UK also had a gross electricity production of 8.218 TWh, 5.905 TWh and 4.050 TWh respectively in 2014.

Germany, which had the highest photovoltaic capacity installed and connected in the European Union in 2013 (3309 MWp), came down to 1899 MWp in 2014.

The United Kingdom which had 1095 MWp installed in 2013 significantly increased it in 2014 to 2526 MWp. Its neighbour France also saw an improvement from 672 MWp installed in 2013 to 1329 MWp installed in 2014.

On the other hand, the Netherlands, which had 374 MWp installed in the year 2013, saw it shrunk to 302 MWp in 2014.  Romania had an installed capacity of 972 MWp in 2013, which also went down to 270 MWp in 2014, while Italy came down from 2001 MWp in 2013 to 190 MWp in 2014, as per the EurObserv ER 2015.


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